Rosilyn Holladay is an artist located in Dothan, Alabama. She uses many mediums including acrylics, watercolor, pastels, ink, resin, clay, and encaustic to create art that can inspire a positive lifestyle and bring more color into a collector's life. The path to becoming an artist started at the age of ten when she attended art lessons as an after school activity just for fun, not knowing the opportunities it would open for her life. And so began a childhood full of art lessons and summer camps.

While completing a degree in dental hygiene, Rosilyn turned to her art as a creative outlet. Upon graduating and working as a hygienist, art never failed to be a part of her everyday life.

Now, as a full time artist, Rosilyn is able to share her works for all to enjoy. Upon moving to Dothan, Rosilyn co-founded a local art gallery. She is now a resident artist with The Untrained Edit, an art collective that includes female artists and entrepreneurs in the community. She continues to study new techniques and improve her concepts of color and design. Each piece is unique in the way it captures its audience, and is created with passion in each color and stroke of the brush.