Prior to the wedding day, I will discuss preferences with the client including whether they would like the reception or ceremony painted. On the wedding day, I will arrive at the reception approximately an hour early to set up my creative space, and begin laying out a loose composition prior to the guests arriving. If I paint the ceremony, I will arrive 2+ hours early to paint the majority before guests arrive, due to the time constraints of the ceremony. As guests arrive, I will begin developing the details of the scene including the people, lighting and atmosphere. The client can advise as to which scene they would like painted, or I can advise based on previous experience. The painting will be an expression of the event more than a realistic rendering allowing the atmosphere to determine the direction of the painting. The whole process takes around 4-5 hours. The bride and groom will receive a beautiful painting to hang in their home and serve as a memory of their first day as a married couple! The painting is completed in my studio after the event. Additional studio time can be requested after the painting is completed if the client would like to make edits. 2 studio hours of additional time are included for this, but additional hours can be provided for an additional fee.
















“Having Rosilyn live paint at our wedding added such a special touch to the night. All of our guests were blown away by her talent and had so much fun watching. She perfectly captured the beauty of the church we were married in, and I am so thrilled to have something hanging on our wall we can cherish forever.  She even asked some of our family members to help by making small brush strokes on the painting which made it even more special! Not to mention she is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet and was one of my favorite vendors to work with at my wedding! Anyone would be lucky to have her as part of their big day!”


“Rosilyn did our live wedding painting in 2019 and we couldn’t be happier. She was prompt, professional and a joy to be around. The finished product is beautiful and hangs in the entryway of our home, serving as a daily reminder of that beautiful day.”




 Package 1: Special Moment Package

24x30 Painting of wedding ceremony (if outside) or reception scene.
4+ hours of painting at the celebration.
10 hours of additional studio time to edit and complete details.
Hardware added to the piece.
Shipping and handling included.
Signed artist palette.
2 prints signed and numbered.
Email rholladayart@gmail.com for pricing 


Package 2: Portrait Package
24x30 Painting of a wedding detail (church, reception or ceremony set-up).
People not included.
Completed at event for you to take it home that night!
3+ hours of painting at celebration
Signed artist palette
2 prints signed and numbered (shipped after reception)
Email rholladayart@gmail for pricing