Prior to the wedding day, I will discuss the following: location of event, length of cocktail hour/reception, card stock personalization details. I will also contact the wedding coordinator beforehand on set up needs and instructions on where to set up night of. I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have before booking and after! Also, see FAQ's near the bottom of the page.
On your big day I will arrive 1 hour prior to the start of the cocktail hour/ reception for set up. The 4-5 hours of the booking does not start until your event time starts. I may have an assistant to help guide guests on how to go about getting their portrait made. Each guest can expect to get a photo taken and portrait completed before the end of the night. I have a few set guidelines for the portrait pictures in order to help the night run smoothly and help get as many portraits as possible to your beautiful guests! Throughout the night guests are more than welcome to come and enjoy watching the process along with taking home a one-of-a-kind keepsake.
Included in your booking, is an 8x10 original watercolor portrait of the bride and groom! I will snap a reference picture sometime during the night in order to paint this special piece post wedding day. Then the piece will be delivered via mail or local drop off. More details of add-ons and whats included can be found listed below




To allow as many guests as possible to receive a portrait here are a few guidelines for each painting. Each portrait is estimated to take <10mins per portrait.

Portrait spots are first come first serve
1 portrait per person/family
1-3 people per portrait



 Wedding Guests Portraits Package

4-5 hours of working time, not including set up time
No additional fee if I bring an assistant
5x7 original watercolor/alcohol ink portrait
8x10 bride and groom portrait, to be delivered post wedding day
Card Stock Personalization (Name, date, location, etc.)
Email rholladayart@gmail.com for pricing 
Individual Bridesmaids (and guest) portraits
Individual family member portraits
Email rhholladayart@gmail.com for pricing
*These add ons are great gifts for family or wedding party members. With these optional add-ons you will insure your wedding party and loved ones end up with a keepsake. You would inform family/wedding party members that this has been gifted to them and to make sure they come and take their reference photo. I will complete these portraits post wedding day. And mail them with the bride and groom portrait. See FAQs for more info.


Why should I purchase the add-on portraits?

I came up with these add-ons to help remove the stress from family and wedding party guests trying to experience the entire night and not wanting to miss out on this unique experience. This also, secures their portrait and lessen the risk of being turned away when the photo cap has been reached. Not to mention its a great bridesmaids gift idea! And, they get VIP service, for example if they want their entire family in a the picture, and have more than 3 persons in their family, I am able to capture that for them due to the extra time I will have by completing these portraits post wedding day.

Why do you not added faces to the paintings?

This is mostly a style preference and time saver for each portrait. My goal is to provide as many guests as possible, in the time given, with a unique keepsake. The most common compliment I receive is "wow, that really does look like ____". It's amazing what skin color and hair styles speak to the resemblance of your beautiful guests. Not to mention their incredible sense of fashion.

Why do you use alcohol ink markers with the watercolors?

This is another time saving tactic for your guests! The alcohol ink markers require less time to dry, therefore allowing more time for the details of the sketch to be completed and additional time for the watercolor to dry. The markers also allow for a unique blending technique to capture shadows in the skin tones.

What if you don't finish all the captured portraits that night?

Yes, occasionally your guests are so fabulous that some portraits may require a little more time, i.e. if several portraits include 3 persons. In this case I would include those portraits in the delivery of the bride and groom portrait post wedding day. Occasionally a guests may have to leave early, so I would let them know the bride and groom would be a contact for tracking down that portrait. I encourage guests to let me know if there are plans to leave early, allowing me to move those portraits to the front of the painting production line.

How many portraits can you complete at the event?

My best estimate is about 30 portraits/60 guests. This estimates my timing to be about less than 10 mins per portrait in a typical 4 hour window. This just means as i approach my 30 reference photos/60 guests photographed, I will turn off my "photos open" sign. This indicates to guests that I have reached my maximum for the time being, but will take more photos if time allows.